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Misting Nozzle ChartUpdated 20 hours ago

Nozzle SizeFlowOperating Pressure Range (psi)
OrificeFlow rate3624355075806527257978709421015
0.15 mm
US gpm0.0080.0090.0090.010.0110.0110.0120.0120.0130.013
0.20 mm
US gpm0.0110.0120.0130.0130.0140.0150.0160.0170.0170.018
0.30 mm
US gpm0.0180.020.0210.0230.0240.0250.0270.0280.0290.03
0.40 mm
US gpm0.0270.030.0320.0350.0370.0390.0410.0420.0440.046
0.50 mm
US gpm0.030.0330.0360.0380.040.0430.0450.0470.0480.05
0.60 mm
US gpm0.0370.040.0430.0460.0490.0520.0540.0570.0590.061
0.80 mm
US gpm0.0440.0480.0520.0550.0580.0620.0650.0680.070.073
  • The white squares in the chart refer to the flow in gallons/liters per minute of each misting nozzle. The same rating in the equations below is referred to as GPN or gallons per nozzle. 
  • All Canpump misting systems are designed to run at 1000 psi for the best results. 
  • The flow rates above are for nozzles without anti-drip filter.
  • Fog nozzle flow rates are tested with water under controlled conditions. Flow rates can vary due to environment, fluid viscosity and fluid density.

Calculating Total Flow Required by Pump 
Nozzle Count x Gallons Per Nozzle = Total Flow
33 Nozzles x 0.030 GPN (orifice 0.30mm) = 1 Gallon Per Minute

Calculating Nozzle Count
Total Flow ÷ Gallons Per Nozzle = Nozzle Count
1 Gallon Per Minute ÷ 0.030 GPN (orifice 0.30mm) = 33.3 Nozzles 


Calculating Nozzle Size 
Total Flow ÷ Nozzle Count = Gallon Per Nozzle (refer to misting nozzle chart)
1 Gallon Per Minute ÷ 33 Nozzles = 0.030 Gallon Per Nozzle
0.5 Gallon Per Minute ÷ 30 Nozzles = 0.016 Gallons Per Nozzle 

(The closest match to 0.016 GPN in the chart is nozzle orifice 0.20mm with 0.018 GPN) 

Not sure how to read the chart? Simply locate the nozzle orifice size on the left side of the chart and following right until you are aligned with 1015 psi. The number you find (i.e. 0.03 GPN) is the gallons required by each nozzle and can be used in the above equations.

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